5 Ocean Documentaries Every Scuba Diver Should See

Aug 10 • 4 min read

What if there were more in the Oceans than what we see when we go diving? We have selected five documentaries involving the greatest oceanographers, marine enthusiasts, and journalists of our planet.

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How She Re-Energized Her Life Through Divemaster Training

Jul 21 • 4 min read

Charlotte, half French and half American, tells us all about her divemaster internship she did in Indonesia. Working as a management consultant in Sydney, Australia, she is passionate about scuba diving, sky diving (she has 80+ solo and group jumps so far!) and has just started learning to sail!

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Five (Easy) Ways to Act Today to Protect the Ocean

Jun 8 • 3 min read

Happy World Oceans Day! Today is a perfect day to make a positive change for the Ocean. We’ve selected five projects you can contribute to. From small changes in your every day behavior to protecting marine life species, there are many ways you can contribute.

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6 Rules to Know When Scuba Diving with Manta Rays

Apr 29 • 1 min read

Did you know that manta rays have the biggest brains of any fish? Their brains have hugely developed areas for problem-solving, learning, and communication. These ultra-smart fish are known for swimming close to divers to get a closer look - will you know what to do?

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