Signpost in Tofo, Mozambique

Searching for the Ocean Giants in Mozambique

Julien Hilt
Julien Hilt
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Tofo is a place few people get to know. This is why I immediately got hooked when Isabelle from SeaCrush told me about this destination.

I was looking for a remote place to go to, far from the tourist attractions. A place I could feel inner peace, I could dive and also discover the culture of.

Without a doubt, this dive trip to Tofo, Mozambique (7 nights starting from ...) brought me what I was looking for.

woman in market

As a Divemaster, I always go on a holiday with the objective to explore the underwater world.

If you dream of seeing humpback whales, manta rays and whale sharks, go to Tofo!! I was lucky to see these three species in the first few dives.

humpback whale surfacing

Imagine, you're twenty meters down, you close your eyes and you listen to the whales' songs. You are immediately submerged by a magical and relaxing sensation! So many emotions go through your mind!

Let's not forget all the other species I have seen... I won't tell more and let you discover these in the video I made!!

What's very specific about this trip is that you get to dive with research scientists of Marine Megafauna Foundation. They identify, research and protect manta rays and whale sharks. They explain you what they do underwater during the briefings, and if you're curious, they'll show you their work. You won't dive the same after!!

launching the boat from the beach

Tofo offered me so many beautiful moments, you come back transformed, grateful, and willing more than ever to embark into another flight to go back to Mozambique...

high-five with a local

Julien 35 years old, wholesaler of paints and floor coverings, lives in Belfort, France. His main passion, what he lives for, is discovering the world though scuba diving and meeting new people. It's a devouring passion! He always needs a "take off date" to feel balanced in his everyday life. Traveling makes you realise you're not alone on the planet, that things are different from what we thought. You become more humble, tolerant, and mostly you enrich your mind. Adopt, adapt, improve is his motto. His best book: his passport... He is PADI divemaster. He dived in Thailand, Egypte, South Africa, Mauritious and Mozambique. Where he wished to go for his next underwater explorations: Bahamas, Keys Island, Japan and and and... 😉

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