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Here Comes the Reopening of Top Diving Destinations in 2021!

Isabelle Barbier
Isabelle Barbier
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Where can you scuba dive at the end of 2021? Indonesia has reopened since mid-October to fully vaccinated travelers from 19 countries. Thailand has been easing its SandBox program, and travelers from 46 countries will be able to enter the country without quarantine starting November 1st! Fiji will reopen on December 1st to fully vaccinated travelers of more than 14 countries without quarantine.

In the past weeks, several top destinations for scuba diving have announced they would be reopening soon. Others are easing COVID-19 entry requirements to fully vaccinated travelers. You can finally plan the dive trip you have been dreaming of since the pandemic started!

Indonesia Has Reopened to Tourism Since Mid-October 2021

At the heart of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia is one of the best countries for underwater biodiversity! Bali, Komodo, Bunaken, Wakatobi, Alor, Raja Ampat... there are so many places to discover that we got excited when the Indonesian government announced the country's reopening six days ago.

Check SeaCrush Guide to Scuba-Diving in Indonesia to choose the area you would like to dive depending on the season.

Indonesia COVID-19 Entry Requirements: Indonesia has announced tourists could come back to its islands since 14 October 2021, provided they come on a direct flight from one of the authorized countries: China, India, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Norway. If you fly from France for instance, you can stop in Dubai with Emirates, before reaching Bali.

Travelers must follow a series of steps to enter and stay in Indonesia.

Tourist visas must be obtained in advance through e-visa application for Indonesia.

Once in Indonesia, travelers will have to spend a five days quarantine in a hotel from Jarkarta or Bali, the latest being much nicer! After your 5 days quarantine in a hotel in Bali, you are free to travel to anywhere in the country.

SeaCrush Pick: 👉 we love this stunning liveaboard to Raja Ampat (7 nights starting from ...), and its super friendly team!

Four Kings viewpoint in Raja Ampat

Thailand Will Accept Some Travelers Without Quarantine Starting November 1, 2021

After a few months of testing out their Sandbox program, Thailand announced yesterday they would not ask residents of 46 countries to do a quarantine on arrival, as long as the travelers will have stayed in one of these countries for the past 21 days.

The season for the Andaman Sea has now started, and liveaboards depart just a couple of hours away from Phuket International Airport.

Thailand COVID-19 Entry Requirements: the 46 countries with low risk are the European Union, England, Switzerland, U.A.E., the USA, Canada, Chile, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and some more. India and Russia are not eligible, and neither is Taiwan.

Travelers must arrive to Thailand on a direct flight from one fo the eligible countries. Several airlines travel directly to Phuket, such as Thai Airways or Emirates.

Every traveler must obtain a Certificate of Entry before traveling. Check on the Royal Thai Embassy website of your country if you need a visa before arrival.

Travelers must have a negative RT-PCR test result in the 72 hours before boarding their flight, and take another RT-PCR test on arrival. Travelers will have to stay for one night in a Thailand SHA certified hotel waiting for the results before traveling to other parts of the country.

The good news is that you can arrive at Phuket International Airport, spend one night a nice hotel, and then hop on a liveaboard to dive on Surin and Similan Islands!

The list of countries will expand on December 1, 2021, and be further enhanced on January 1, 2022. Stay tuned!

SeaCrush Pick: 👉 diving Richelieu Rock is certainly the highlight of Thailand. Keep your eyes open for whale sharks! We recommend this fantastic Similan and Surin islands liveaboard trip (3 nights starting from ...)

whale shark in thailand

Fiji Is Reopening in December 2021, Without Quarantine

One of the best news this month is the reopening of Fiji on 1 December 2021, quarantine-free! The pacific islands are among the best places to scuba dive. With colorful soft corals and plenty of pelagic species, Fiji caters to all levels of divers. Underwater photographers also love Fiji, as the visibility is often exceptional!

Check SeaCrush Guide to Scuba-Diving in Fiji to know more about the best sites and diving conditions there.

Fiji Entry Requirements: Fully vaccinated tourists coming from "Travel Partners countries" will be offered quarantine-free travel starting 1 December 2021. These countries currently are Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Qatar, Germany, Spain, France, Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and most Pacific Island Countries and Territories.

To prepare for your trip, check the latest announcements of the Fijian government’s tourism office, and their step by step guide.

SeaCrush Pick: 👉 we like this liveaboard in Fiji (7 nights starting from ...). Awarded several times, it is one of the best liveaboards of the Pacific. Guests often come back year after year as the diving is so incredible!

If you are traveling with kids, we recommend Cousteau Resort, in which kids learn to scuba dive, and even have their butlers! Contact us if you would like to go there.

scuba diving in fiji

Let's Go Scuba Diving in 2021!

Fully vaccinated divers can also already travel to Egypt, the Maldives, Seychelles, Mexico, and Ecuador (Galapagos) without quarantine. Several Caribbean islands have also reopened to tourism.

If you are interested in going diving in the coming weeks, send us a message through SeaCrush Contact Form or SeaCrush WhatsApp!


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