Dive with the Ocean Giants of Tofo!

Why we love it

In South-Eastern Mozambique, Tofo is one of the pearls of Africa. You will not find big resorts there but accommodation that ranges from the backpacker to the small boutique hotel. With world-class diving and surfing spots, it attracts a well-traveled international crowd. Dive in the morning and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see giant mantas, whale sharks or even humpback whales in season. In the afternoon, rent a quad to explore the sand dunes, get a massage or just chill on the beach. At night, hang out with locals in Tofo sandy streets and try its local food and drinks. Have two extra days? Extend your trip and get to know the work of Marine Mega Fauna Foundation.


The dive center is partner of Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), an NGO globally renown for its scientific research on manta rays and whale sharks.

Who is it for?

For both advanced and beginner divers who love big and small. Adventurous spirits who enjoy laid-back atmosphere. Non-diving partners can do yoga, massages, walks on the beach, restaurants, quad explorations, snorkeling, weekly cinema, scientific talks, surfing and paddle boarding…

Prices and Dates

Dives are possible seven days a week. Contact us for more dives, if you wish to do a Discover Scuba Diving, a course or a specialty.

Prices are per person for a package of 10 dives and a snorkeling safari ‘Ocean Safari’. Minimum 2 divers.

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  • Dive equipment
  • Pick-up & drop-off to your guesthouse/hotel on diving days

  • Maritime park fee of per week for all divers.
  • Dive sites that require an additional “far-away reef” charge of : Outback, Manta, Greentree, Robs Bottom, Amazon, Office, Hospital, Cavern, Reggies and EN1
  • Any flights, transfers, accommodation or other elements that are not mentioned in the above section

Dive briefing!

Marine Life

  • Located on a 8 km stretch of sandy beach on the Indian Ocean, Tofo benefits from upwelling phenomenom that attract mantas and whale sharks.
  • The Big 5 of the underwater world: whale sharks, giant & reef mantas, turtles, dolphins & humpback whales. They are all visitors of Tofo’s rich and diverse waters.
  • Encounters of giant batfish, greater barracuda, huge shoaling kingfish and many species of ray including the ‘small eye stingray’ - the largest and rarest stingray in the world.
  • Amazing opportunities for macro divers to capture leaf fish, frog fish, impressive sea moths, banded pipefishm and a wide variety of shrimp. The list is truly endless.

Dive Conditions

  • Season: all year long: manta rays. June to November: humpback whales. October to March: whale sharks.
  • Currents: can be strong in some sites
  • Visibility: 5 to 30 m (16 to 98 ft)
  • Water Temperature: 23° to 29°C (73° to 84°F)
  • Depth: deep and shallow dives

Dive Sites

  • Up to three boat dives a day.
  • Over 25 differing reefs, some with amazing structures - overhangs, small caves and pinnacles.
  • ‘Lemon & Herb’ sites are 18 meters shallow reefs and great for beginners. Usually happening in the afternoon from 12:30pm to 1:30pm daily.
  • ‘Hot’ reefs, 25 meters depth reefs, essentially made Tofo the amazing diving destination it is today. Aimed at advanced divers with some experience, current and negative water entries make this adventure diving at its best. The deeper reefs always leave in the morning and vary in times from 7:30am to 8:30 am with double or single tank dives available.
  • Dive sites are: Amazon, Amphitheatre, Anchor bay, Buddies reef, Chimney reef, Clownfish reef, Giants castle, Hospital, Krakatoa, Lions den, Manta reef, Marble arch, Mikes cupboard, Outback, Praia do Rocha, Salon, Sherwood forest, Tabletop, The Cavern, The Office.
  • There is no boat deck in Tofo, so note that the launch of the boat and the arrival is on the beach… it can be sporty!

The Team

  • Operation created 15 years ago
  • Number of boats: 4
  • SCUBAPRO dive center
  • Courses up to Divemaster, ask us
  • Maximum number of divers per guide: 5

Safety Information

  • Equipment Recommended: the usual diving equipment.
  • Insurance: Both dive insurance and travel insurance are mandatory. We recommend Dive Assure that has plans to cover both - ask us for a quote.
  • Nearest Hyperbaric Chamber: Durban, South Africa

Visas, flights, and more!

Visa Requirements

  • Most visitors do need to have a visa before departing for Mozambique. If you plan to visit Kruger National Park, you might consider getting a multiple-entry visa (versus a single-entry visa)
  • Please check the current visa policy that applies for your country

How to get there

  • Pretty much everyone arrives from the south via Maputo(the capital of Mozambique). Then, either take a transfer by minivan (6-8 hrs, SeaCrush can help you arrange it) or take a local flight to Inhambane which is a half-hour from Tofo.
  • The biggest international airlines flying to Mozambique are TAP Air Portugal, South African Airways, and Turkish Airlines.


  • Tofo is subject to malaria. Take necessary precautions to avoid it.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, a rash guard, a sweater or a light-weight jacket, some walking shoes, insect repellent, mask and snorkel, prescription medicine if you need.

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