Bemvindo a Ponta Do Ouro! Dive with Bullsharks, Surf and Chill...

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Jenny and Rupert make the perfect team to dive in Ponta do Ouro: Jenny loves macro life and Rupert loves sharks. We got to see 6 to 7 bullsharks on every dive at Pinnacles, and even once a school of juvenile hammerheads passing by. Important to note: unlike many dive shops in this part of the world, Jenny and Rupert do not use any bait, which is great. Rupert is also an excellent surfer, and he totally masters the boat coming outside and inside the bay - you need to literally surf on the waves. The dive shop team is friendly and professional, they enjoy diving as much as you do! Jenny is also an excellent photographer which is great if you’re into this too, you can learn a lot from her.

Why We Love It

After a few hours driving south from Maputo on a red-dust road, passing through the bush and sand dunes, you'll reach Ponta do Ouro. Located at the frontier of South Africa, Ponta do Ouro has sandy roads and relaxed cafés that give it a very chilled beach town vibe. Surfers come from everywhere to ride the waves off the beautiful bay, while divers choose to explore the underwater world. Bull sharks are often encountered; in season, humpback whales can be seen, and the macro life is very rich. In the afternoon, try the classic Portuguese pie, "pasteis de nata", from the local bakery - they are delicious!


The dive center is contributing to conservation by conducting two research projects, one on Nudibranchs and one on Humpback whales.

Who Is It For?

For beginners and advanced divers who love sharks and macro life! For adventurous spirits who enjoy a laid-back atmosphere. Non-diving partners will have plenty to do: walks on the beach, restaurants with a view, quad explorations, snorkeling, surfing, and why not a safari before or after in Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Prices and Dates

Shark dives are without bait, and can be done in season from November to April. Contact us for more dives if you wish to do a Discover Scuba Diving course or a specialty.

Prices are per person for 5 reef dives and 5 shark dives

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What's included?
  • Dive equipment
  • The marine park fee: $10 (about ... EUR)
What's not included?
  • Any flights, transfers, accommodation, food and beverage or any other elements not mentioned in the above section
Dive Briefing!

Marine Life

  • From September to April, you can do shark diving on the Pinnacles dive site.
  • Every year from July to November, the humpback whales migrate past Ponta do Ouro to warmer water for mating and giving birth.
  • The Nudibranch Project started in Ponta do Ouro in November 2011. So far, there are more than 180 different species ranging from Kosi Bay border up to Mamoli Bay.
  • Also spotted underwater: hammerheads, reef sharks, white tips, whale sharks (in season), turtles, bottlenose dolphins, frogfish, triggers, butterfly fish, ribbon eels, potato bass, scorpionfish, mantis shrimp, paperfish, and beautiful spotted rays.

Dive Conditions

  • Season: July to November (humpback whales); October-November to March-April (many sharks and some whale sharks).
  • Currents: Occasional strong currents
  • Visibility: 10 to 40 m (30 to 131 ft)
  • Water Temperature: 23° to 29°C (73° to 84°F)
  • Depth: Deep and shallow dives

Dive Sites

  • Over 25 different reefs, some with amazing structures such as swim-throughs and pinnacles.
  • Usually two boat dives a day with a deep first dive and a shallower second dive.
  • Dive sites include: Lighthouse Reef, Atlantis, Doodles, Pinnacles, Blacks, Steve's Ledge, Checkers, Brent's Ridge, Steps, The Creche, Fingers, Malongane Ledge, Three Sisters, Cloud Break, Aquarium, Anchor, Shallow Malongane, Kev's Ledge, Bread Loaf, Wayne's World, Rianna's Arch, Maverick's, Texas, Bass City and Paradise Ledge.
  • There is no boat deck in Ponta do Ouro, so note that the launch of the boat and the arrival is on the beach... it is very unique and can be sporty!

The Team

  • Operation created in 2010.
  • Number of boats: 1
  • PADI Dive Center
  • Courses from Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster - ask us

Safety Information

  • Equipment Recommended: The usual diving equipment.
  • Insurance: Both dive insurance and travel insurance are mandatory. We recommend DAN Europe, which has plans to cover both - ask us for a quote.
  • Nearest Hyperbaric Chamber: Durban, South Africa
Visas, Flights, and More!

Visa Requirements

  • Most visitors need to have a visa before departing for Mozambique. If you plan to visit Kruger National Park, you might consider getting a multiple-entry visa (versus a single-entry visa)
  • Electronic visa should be soon available to promote further tourism.
  • Please check the current visa policy that applies for your country with the Mozambican embassy.

How to Get There

  • Coming from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, cross the river with the Maputo-Katembe bridge, and then take a shared minivan for about 3 hours (we can help arrange private transport if needed).
  • The biggest international airlines flying to Mozambique are TAP Air Portugal, South African Airways, and Turkish Airlines.


  • Ponta do Ouro is subject to malaria, so take necessary precautions to avoid it.
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, a rash guard, a sweater or lightweight jacket, some walking shoes, insect repellent, a mask and snorkel, and any prescription medicine you need.
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