Oceanic Mantas, Humpback Whales and Hammerheads… Welcome to Socorro!

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Marine Life
Antony J verified review
Plongeur 3 étoiles
100+ dives
almost 2 years ago

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I had a great time in Socorro with Nautilus / Seacrush. The quality of service on board is impeccable. The very dynamic and welcoming team (the tips we leave are well worth them) We go there to see the big stuff and we are very well served. I wanted to see oceanic manta rays, there were and not just a few. They are indeed larger than those I have seen in the Maldives (the reef mantas there). Be careful not to go there for the corals, the colors and the little one, it is very blue hence the 2 stars less. But it's sensational to see all these sharks of all kinds, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, galapagos sharks, dolphins, manta rays galore. In the end, it's a bit expensive compared to Egypt or the Maldives, but you pay for the assurance of seeing big all the time with each dive. So it's worth it but not within reach of all budgets. You dive between 20 and 30m and sometimes in the current you need a minimum of diving experience. The food was top notch. No complaints. Plan 2 to 3 hours before or after the cruise to embark off the marina to see humpback whales duck or mobula jump out of the water.

Pamela A verified review
Plongeur 3 étoiles
300+ dives
almost 3 years ago

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Socorro is the Must to dive with big ... dolphins, Galapagos sharks, silky, White tips galore and especially ocean manta rays galore. Good visibility, brief exceptional destination to recommend. However, not with this company which favors beginner American divers for the choice of the route. Indeed we only did one day at Roca Partida the best site because some divers had only 30 dives under their belt which is insufficient to dive in the blue and in the current. In addition, the effective ratio of crew members 11 to the number of divers 25 is insufficient, which explains too large groups of 8 or 9 divers and what is not safe no diving buddy affected so each dives more or less alone with the group of 8/9: unheard of! Terrible food, no atmosphere on board, not even an evening on 12/31! Nice crew but in number the divemasters are also taking turns driving appendices. comfortable boat nonetheless.

Alex A verified review
Enseignant de niveau 4
1000+ dives
6 months ago

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Very nice cruise in SOCCORO

Shuang N verified review
Rescue Diver
300+ dives
9 months ago

Did x 2 trips back to back in Socorro. Went to see mantas, and they were everywhere, every dive, all over the place! Plus 1 week w Dr Guy Stevens (Manta whisperer). I wasn't even expecting this: dive with humpback whale mama and baby!! It's very rare, but our trip got sooo lucky!

M-Christine O verified review
Enseignant de niveau 3
1000+ dives
6 months ago

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Superb cruise Magic Silky and Hammerhead Shark Rays To do again. A huge memory from the crew and a huge thank you to Maria who was great.

Why we love it

From the moment you arrive in Los Cabos you know you are in for an extraordinary adventure. Off the west coast of Mexico, Socorro or the ‘Revillagigedo Archipelago’ is well-known by scientists who go there to study oceanic mantas and whale sharks. Many species of sharks including hammerheads are also present. Between January and April, it is humpback whales season! Enter a fantastic world of volcanic islands and a spectacular marine life… welcome to Socorro!


The Guadalupe and Socorro Conservation Funds support since 2004 scientific research and conservation work in the Sea of Cortez, at Socorro, Clipperton and Guadalupe Islands. Support of various charities such as Dive into the Pink and PADI Project Aware.

Who is it for?

For pelagic lovers, advanced divers who have seen it all already. Also available on board: kayaks, paddle boards, open air movie theater, hot tube

Prices and Dates
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  • 8 nights on the boat (for most trips) with daily room service and towels
  • All meals (continental breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks
  • Use of kayaks
  • An underwater dive guide
  • End of trip DVD
  • Onboard facilities such as the hot tub and lounge

  • Marine Park Fee of $75 (about ... EUR) per dive day to be paid upfront
  • Port Fee of $65 (about ... EUR) per person payable in cash on board
  • Transfers between the airport and meeting spot
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
  • Dive gear rental and Nitrox
  • Wi-Fi access

Dive briefing!

Marine Life

  • Socorro Island is part of the Revillagigedos, a group of small islands off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

  • Depending on the season, you get to see oceanic mantas, bottlenose dolphins and up to 10 varieties of shark - schooling scalloped hammerheads, solitary giant hammerheads, Galápagos, whitetip reef, silver-tip, silky, tiger and oceanic whitetips, and also in season humpback whales, whale sharks and bait balls

  • Dive sites: all dive sites are located in Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida. Sites may change due to ocean conditions

  • All dives are planned and executed without deco stops

  • There is a crossing journey of 24 to 28 hours from/to Cabo San Lucas.

Dive Conditions

  • Season: from November to July: oceanic mantas, bottlenose dolphins and up to 10 species of sharks all these months. From January to April: Humpback whales. November-December and May to July: whale sharks.
  • Currents: currents can be strong, and the sea, choppy.
  • Visibility: 20 to 30 m (66 to 98 ft) on most days. Sometimes 15 meters (50 ft) or 45 meters (148 ft)
  • Water Temperature: 23° to 26°C (73° to 79°F) with a peak of 28° (82°F) in November.
  • Depth: deep dives mostly

The Team

  • Dive operator with over 25 years of experience in the area
  • 3 boats
  • Guests dive into three different groups according to their level and preferences in guidance
  • Dive course possible with additional costs - ask us.
  • Maximum divers per group: 10
  • English speaking crew

Safety Information

  • Equipment Recommended: 5 to 7 mm wetsuit, dive computer, surface marker buoy (SMB), and a whistle. Go for the nitrox.
  • Insurance: Both dive insurance and travel insurance are mandatory. We recommend DAN Europe that has plans to cover both - ask us for a quote.
  • Nearest Hyperbaric Chamber: San Jose del Cabo, Baja California, Mexico
Visas, flights, and more!

Visa Requirements

How to get there

  • International flights to San Jose del Cabo, SJD, Mexico. We always recommend arriving and leaving one day before/after.
  • Another option is going to Mexico city and take an internal flight with Interjet (usually 2 flights a day, starting at $76 (about ... EUR) one way) or Aeromexico (usually 6 flights a day, starting at $170 (about ... EUR) one way).
  • Make sure you have enough time for transfers between terminals &/or airports.


  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, mosquito repellent, a rash guard, and a sweater or light-weight jacket
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