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Diving center very involved in the safeguarding and protection of marine life as well as education. The entire resort team is attentive and very welcoming. Perfect catering and accommodation. Dives sometimes done, with average visibility at this time of year (December), which does not prevent the beauty of the very rich marine sites

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ideal location, diversified fauna and balanced biomass, welcoming and competent staff, eco-responsible initiatives and a stay where learning rhymes with pleasure. Brief over the top!

Why We Love It

The beauty of Raja Ampat is unparalleled: picturesque island formations, spectacular reefs, and the most bio-diverse marine life at the heart of the "Coral Triangle." We love this resort's very welcoming team and the diversity of activities available: whether you're diving (as much as you like!), exploring other islands, or even getting hands-on with coral restoration, you can do as much - or as little - as you want! Polish off your day with spectacular sunset views from your very own water-bungalow!


The on-site Raja Ampat SEA (Science, Education, and Awareness) Centre is a foundation dedicated to conserving Raja Ampat's marine life. They welcome visitors, so be sure to check it out!

Who Is It For?

This is premium "bucket-list diving," so if you've seen it all, you'll appreciate the natural beauty. Currents can be strong, which may appeal to some folks who enjoy the challenge!

Non-diving partners can do yoga, massage, kayaking, bird-watching, photography, excursions to other islands, free-diving/snorkeling, and even coral restoration on the "house reef" just off the beach.

Prices and Dates
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Children under 10 years old who share their parent's bungalow get a 50% discount on accommodation.

Once a year: Coral Explorers Week

Coral Explorers is a very different kind of dive experience - it’s a week to explore the world’s richest reefs and have them explained to you by world-famous coral reef science communicator Russell Kelley and Rachel Pears, Great Barrier Reef marine park manager.

Program Highlights:

  • Raja Ampat: The Origins and Species

    • Where does Raja Ampat come from, how did it get there and where is it going?
    • Discover why Raja Ampat is one of the world’s epicenters of biodiversity
    • Why are there so many species?
  • What Is THAT Thing?

    • Learn to identify anything from fish to tentacles, to shapes and holes, without being a marine biologist using Russell’s recipes for easy ID.
    • You’ll be surprised how with a few simple visual tips, you can put any beastie into a group.
  • Coral Reef Ecology

    • Why are corals amazing? How do reefs “work” and why are they so important?
    • Sex on the reef: discover the secret cycles of reef creatures and how to be in the right place to see them
    • Learn about the global and local threats to coral reef health including Crown of Thorns Starfish.

A Typical Day of the Coral Explorers Week:

A typical day will include 7 am breakfast, followed by two morning dives before a full buffet lunch. The afternoon consists of one afternoon dive, followed by sunset talks with Russell and Rachel.

Sunset or night dives will be arranged within the context of learning sessions, for example following the “Night vs. Day” module.

You are encouraged to explore what you have learnt with Russell and Rachel during the day dives, contribute photos for evening Q&A sessions and contribute hands on to one of the liveaboard's projects: monitoring, ID, transplantation, or otherwise!

What's included?
  • Deluxe Water Cottage Accommodation with en-suite bathroom & hot water
  • Full board (international buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Afternoon tea/coffee and cakes
  • Welcome drink
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Laundry service once per week
  • Transfers to the island if the arrival/departure is on our scheduled transfer days (Sundays and Wednesdays)
What's not included?
  • The Raja Ampat Marine Park Fee: IDR 1,000,000 (about ... EUR)
  • Purchases made at the resort such as alcoholic or soft-drinks, chocolate, cigarettes, souvenirs, etc.
  • Equipment rental
  • Diving courses
  • Extra trips and excursions (ask SeaCrush for a quote!)
  • Exceptional transfers and transfers to other resorts
  • Flight tickets and overnight stays at hotels (Sorong or airport hotels during transit)
Dive Briefing!

Marine Life

  • At the heart of the Coral Triangle
  • 1427 reef fish, over 600 coral species, 75% of the world’s coral species
  • Abundant pelagic life: many species of reef sharks, white and black tips, wobbegong sharks, bamboo sharks, reef mantas at nearby cleaning stations, and majestic oceanic manta in open water,
  • Large schools of tuna, trevally, mackerel, batfish, surgeonfish, angel and butterflyfish, napoleon wrasse, bumpheads, giant sweetlips, damsels, fusiliers, anthias, etc. and also magnificent macro with the rare pygmy seahorses.

Dive Conditions

  • Season: high season is from October to April, when plankton blooms reduce visibility but bring greater numbers of manta rays
  • Currents: strong and changing - some dive sites are not suitable for beginners or anyone that doesn’t feel comfortable in currents
  • Visibility: 15 to 20 m (50 to 66 ft) (nutrient rich water leads to reduced visibility)
  • Water Temperature: 28° to 29°C (82° to 84°F)
  • Depth: both deep and shallow dives

Dive Sites

  • The Dampier Strait (also known as "Augusta's Strait") is among the best diving in Raja Ampat, with over 50 sites in the area
  • From the resort, most sites are only a 15 to 25-minute boat ride away; the furthest site - "The Passage" - is 45 minutes by boat
  • Guests can book up to three boat dives a day, plus unlimited house reef dives
  • All dives are planned and executed without decompression stops
  • Well-known sites are: Manta Point, Cape Kri, Mioskon, Odtima, The Passage, Mike’s Point, Sardines Reef, Blue Magic, Chicken Reef, and Hidden Bay

The Team

  • Operation created in 2013
  • Number of boats: 4
  • PADI Five-Star dive center
  • Courses up to divemaster, ask us
  • Maximum divers per group: 6 with a head dive guide and an assistant guide in each group.

Safety Information

  • Equipment Recommended: dive computer, safety buoy, whistle, and 'reef hook' (to use on rocks only!)
  • Insurance: Both dive insurance and travel insurance are mandatory. We recommend DAN Europe that has plans to cover both - ask us for a quote
  • Nearest Hyperbaric Chamber: Darwin, Australia, or Manado, Sulawesi - note that there is a chamber in Raja Ampat, but it is not certified or compliant with international standards
Visas, Flights, and More!

Visa Requirements

  • Many nationalities are eligible to enter and remain in Indonesia without a visa for 30 days. Others need to obtain a Visa on Arrival for 30 days at the major entry points to Indonesia. Visa on Arrival costs $37 (about ... EUR) and usually can be extended for another 30 days.
  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and have one full blank page
  • Must be able to show an onward ticket that departs before your visa expires
  • For official entry requirements for your nationality, consult Indonesia's Directorate General of Immigration

How to Get There

  • Take an international flight to Jakarta (CGK) and then a direct flight to Sorong (SOQ).
  • If coming from Bali (DPS), you'll have to make a stop at Ujung Padang (UPG) or Manado (MDC) on your way to Sorong (SOQ).
  • Transfers are included to the island only if the arrival/departure is on scheduled transfer days: Sundays and Wednesdays.


  • Raja Ampat is subject to malaria. Take necessary precautions to avoid it (cover yourself, use mosquito repellent and consult your doctor about malarone tablets - Lariam is not recommended).
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, a rash guard, a sweater or a light-weight jacket, and some walking shoes.
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