Isabelle Barbier

May 31, 2018 • 2 min read

Scuba diving is one of the fastest growing tourism industries: currently there are about one million additional divers being certified every year. Did you know that most divers make contact with the reef during their dives? 😧

We see divers of all levels kicking the reef with fins, and touching with knees or hands. The misuse of diving equipment is also often involved in damaging marine life: muck sticks, gloves, underwater cameras, stainless steel rods, tanks, submersible pressure gauges or octopus regulators.

To reduce contact, it’s helpful to have a good pre-dive briefing, to dive in small groups, and maintain good buoyancy skills.

Green Fins is an initiative conceived by the United Nations Environment and internationally coordinated by The Reef-World Foundation. Its goal is to create positive change by leveraging the existing passion for the oceans by people who are in the dive industry. Green Fins helps dive and snorkel operator members find pragmatic solutions to local environmental threats. Every diver who’s exposed to Green Fins through one of its members is changed forever. The complete diving experience turns into an opportunity to not only observe the marine environment, but also to conserve it.

Being aware of the damage can help all of us act more responsibly. We are happy to republish this great infographic from Green Fins - please share with all your diving friends!

We ❤️ Green Fins for their positive efforts!

Redefine the Dive Infographic from Green Fins

To have a chance to win a trip on a liveaboard in the Carribean, participate before June 1st in the Green Fins contest!

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