Isabelle Barbier

Apr 11, 2018 • 3 min read

Desperate to share your love of diving with your newly found romance? Here are 10 ideas to help convince your partner to start diving.

If you’re testing these out, let us know which methods work best!

1. “Don’t you want to go to the Seychelles?”

Probably the most obvious one. If you haven’t tried it yet, use and abuse it. Scuba diving is an excellent excuse to travel all over the world, in some of the most exotic locations.

2. “Oh my God… you would look so hot in a wetsuit!”

We’ve done our deep research and analysis and we can say that wetsuits increase attractiveness by at least 37% - okay we made that up, but we think it’s in that ballpark.

3. “Did you know that couples that share a hobby are having more fun?”

It’s true. And they stay together longer. For the sake maintaining a loving, long-term relationship together, become each others’ best dive-buddies!

4. “You’ll feel soo good about yourself”

When was the last time you both did something new? Couples who experience new and novel things together come away with stronger bonds. No two dives are ever the same, so there’s a lifetime of novelties to share!

5. “You are so good at yoga/meditation/football that you would be an excellent scuba-diver”

The practice of controlling your breathing is useful for buoyancy skills and air consumption, but you can adapt this to any other activity that requires focus while relaxing.

6. “You’re working-out without even noticing it”

You might not realize your body is burning calories just by being in the water (it’s working to regulate its temperature), but of course, you’re also toning your leg muscles with every kick of your fins!

7. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to swim alongside turtles and dolphins?”

Remove all boundaries and there’s sure to be somewhere in the world where he or she can dive with his or her favorite sub-aquatic wildlife.

8. “Let’s watch this Blue Planet II episode!”

In Blue Planet II (episode three), a clownfish(otherwise known as ‘Nemo’) brings a coconut shell for his lady clownfish to lay her eggs. It’s an adorable scene - who wouldn’t want to dive after seeing that??

9. “I heard you can dive and pick your own pearl in French Polynesia”

Okay, we’re not entirely sure it’s true - but it sounds romantic, right?

10. “My dive instructor is sooo sexy”

In a last-ditch effort, you might just try jealousy!

SeaCrush offers a variety of trips where non-divers can do a ‘Discovery Scuba’ session before committing to a full course. Browse our trips and inquire with us about specifics - we’re here to help!

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