SEACRUSH in a nutshell:
  1. the trips have GOT TO BE GOOD. no crap
  2. good vibes. For every traveler - diver or not
  3. with dive operators who care about marine life
  4. and make the process of finding a trip EASY

Originally from Paris, Isabelle has studied, worked, and travelled all over the globe. She cultivated a career in marketing in a variety of roles for large international brands in Mexico, Spain, and France. With a thirst for travel and a finely-tuned ear for languages, Isabelle has visited over sixty countries...and counting. Hammering-out logistics of getting from point A to point B is a special skill of hers. However, most of those points happen to include coastal beaches, warm water, and lots of pretty fish.

After a decade working with brands in the corporate world, Isabelle was eager to steer her marketing talent toward a great passion of hers: scuba-diving. Not just anywhere, but in the best possible places to be awestruck by natural underwater beauty.

"Scuba-diving makes you want to explore every corner of the globe. And be challenged - with currents, depth, or simply watching your buddy! The freedom you feel when you jump in the water is fantastic. The marine life brings surprise and thrill. Not only do you make amazing memories, but also friends for life! SeaCrush is all about that. Divers love experiences. They can be the best advocates for the Ocean."

Isabelle is a PADI-certified dive-instructor and volunteered for marine conservation NGOs in Raja Ampat and East Timor.


Michael is an action-oriented problem-solver. He's a veteran of the tech industry and, like Isabelle, is an explorer at heart. He's taken multiple year-long journeys across multiple continents. After nearly two years exploring eastern Africa, he joined a growth-oriented start-up specializing in mobile app development where he held executive positions delivering hundreds of projects for both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike.

It was 2002 when Michael first learned to SCUBA-dive. He was driving an old pickup truck from his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia through Central America.

"I came to be pretty good at observing marine life by just holding my breath and free-diving. There's a special serenity that comes with being alone with the fish - your heart-rate slows down and you use less oxygen, so naturally you can stay down longer. It's easy to get enchanted with some amazing creature and forget that you need to come back up for air. Learning to dive with compressed-air probably saved my life!"

Michael is a PADI-certified Advanced Diver (although he still loves to free-dive!)