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The ocean inspires us

We are the only travel agency for divers who value marine conservation.

SeaCrush offers trips to the best diving destinations for anyone accepted to the network of reef-friendly divers.


Every time you book through SeaCrush, you have a positive impact towards the ocean

All the dive operators we work with have actions to protect marine life. They invite scientists to further increase knowledge and protection of the oceans. Some of them have achieved international recognition thanks to the foundations they have set up:

Marine Megafauna Foundation Misool Foundation Raja Ampat Research & Conservation Centre Socorro Island Conservation Fund Raja Ampat Sea Centre



Originally from Paris, Isabelle has visited over sixty countries...and counting. Hammering-out logistics of getting from point A to point B is a special skill of hers. However, most of those points happen to include coastal beaches, warm water, and lots of pretty fish.

After a decade working with brands in the corporate world, Isabelle was eager to steer her marketing talent toward a great passion of hers: scuba-diving.

"Scuba-divers explore every corner of the globe, they love the Ocean. SeaCrush is about fulfilling divers' passion in their quest for the best possible destinations with responsible partners."

Isabelle is a PADI-certified dive-instructor and volunteered for marine conservation NGOs in Raja Ampat and East Timor.



Michael is an action-oriented problem-solver. He's taken multiple year-long journeys across multiple continents. After nearly two years exploring eastern Africa, he joined a start-up specializing in mobile app development where he held executive positions.

It was 2002 when Michael first learned to SCUBA-dive. He was driving an old pickup truck from his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia through Central America.

"I can spend hours free-diving on a single coral head. When you observe one tiny ecosystem and think about how water can flow from any part of the globe, you get a real sense of connectivity to our planet as a whole."

Michael is a PADI-certified Advanced Diver (although he still loves to free-dive!)

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